Why 307 Environmental?

307 Environmental  was created to provide decontamination services, providing home owners, investors and brokers fast, affordable decontamination.  Let us help you increase your assets turn around time from acquisition to SOLD!

307 Environmental is Committed to Saving You Time & Money

  • methMethamphetamine Decontamination — Traditional decontamination can require hundreds of man hours using a variety of cleaners, which can cause the decontaminating process to take a month or more to complete. Also, Different combinations of these cleaners can create noxious fumes, corrode metal, and leave unwanted residues. 307 Environmental uses products specifically engineered for methamphetamine decontamination. Our proprietary system can cut the clean up time in half, and leaves the property in better condition than all other traditional methods.
  • Furnace and Duct Work Decontamination — This innovative product can be used to decontaminate most furnaces and duct work which can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs.
  • Debris and Porous Material Removal Interior debris and porous materials like carpet are removed, leaving the property decontaminated and ready to sell or rehab.


Selling Points for Using 307 Environmental

Mfamilyeth Decontamination

  • Neutralization of methamphetamine Contaminates
  • Reduction in time required to complete decontamination, resulting in quicker Marketability
  • Improve indoor air quality and a safe living environment using an EPA registered Product
  • Kills bacteria causing foul odors, including tobacco smoke and pet odors
  • Professional environmental company that is licensed and insured
  • Decontamination Guaranteed
  • Provide safe and healthier properties.


eco-friendlyEnvironmentally Safe Product

307 Environmental utilizes a revolutionary decontamination product for safe and cost-effective decontamination of methamphetamine in structures. This proprietary, EPA registered product significantly reduces
clean up costs and the time frames needed to complete an effective decontamination. The product is naturally bio-degradable, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. Our product also eliminates odors caused by bacteria left behind by pet urine or tobacco smoke, leaving a cleaner smelling home for improved property marketing.


307 Environmental guarantees clearance of the chemical contaminates, found during testing, caused by smoking or manufacturing methamphetamine. 

We are committed to improving the indoor air quality of our community, one house at a time.

Free Estimate

307 Environmental provides free estimates and decontamination assessments for properties that test positive or could be contaminated with methamphetamine residue.



Contact us to get started.....

Office: (307) 672-8911    Cell: (307) 752-1453

Email: dan@307environmental.com

Professional Company

307 Environmental prides itself on its professional services and quality:

  • Licensed and Insured 307 Environmental is licensed, insured Certificates of insurance are available upon request.
  • Testing 307 Environmental is certified to complete all required pre and post testing. However, we are so confident in our decontaminating process that we welcome the use of third party testing. Third party testing will only confirm the effectiveness of our decontamination service.


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