Realtors: Are you liable for sick houses?

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dancaseyHi, my name is Dan Casey, I am a licensed Wyoming State Realtor, and my company deals with meth-contaminated properties.  

As of late, there have been several successful lawsuits against real estate agents who bought or sold methamphetamine-contaminated listings. These agents failed to disclose information concerning possible health hazards that arise from meth contamination in both commercial and residential properties. Their failure to inform clients resulted in drawn-out legal battles in court and constituted a devastating loss of income and time for all parties involved.

Shockingly enough, methamphetamine has a half life of 250 years, meaning that the drug can continue to poison a building’s occupants year after year. Meth-contaminated or “sick” houses remain a growing crisis in Wyoming and the United States at large. Did you know that approximately 5% of the homes across the US are contaminated with Meth? Exposure to left over meth residue from just smoking years earlier can lead to cancer, respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting, confusion, and developmental problems in children.  In some cases, prolonged interaction with drug residue can lead to death. Simply put, we strongly suggest having a client’s home properly tested and treated for this type of pollution.

Fortunately, my team of experts at 307 Environmental offers consultation on this issue and specializes in testing and decontamination services . After all, when dealing with this issue, it’s better to err on the side of caution than open up oneself to a lawsuit or sick clients.  I hope you will consider my company for your needs concerning our field of expertise.


Dan Casey

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