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We provide both methamphetamine and mold testing and decontamination services.


We are the only methamphetamine testing and decontamination specialists in the State of Wyoming.

A Special Note on Meth:
Our Philosophy

You’ve never used methamphetamine.  Yet,  methamphetamine destroys lives of those who use, manufacture and sell it.  And, those users leave the toxic residue for innocent others to unknowingly absorb.

Picture a methamphetamine user smoking in the bathroom.  He uses the exhaust fan to lift any detection from suspicious others.  The next day, he goes to the upstairs bedroom, uses his fingers to place the dusty powder in a pipe.  Then, with contaminated fingers, he opens the window which happens to have an air vent beneath it.  Sitting down on the carpet, he smokes again.


The room is now contaminated and the air circulating by duct work carries and releases methamphetamine throughout the house.  The garage and crawlspaces are not exempt from contamination.  The user sneaks off to the garage a lot to avoid detection by others.

Now, imagine someone manufacturing methamphetamine.  The exposure is extremely high. 

The user and his friends move out of the house, leaving the owner who rented the house to them unaware of the dangers.  The owner rents or sells and passes the problem on to another.

Meanwhile, you are excited about achieving a dream -- purchasing your first home.  Your small child crawls across the floor, tugging on carpeting and pulling himself up by on the wall corner.  Instant contamination.  But, you don’t know about the contamination.  

You would never knowingly purchase a home contaminated with methamphetamine.

The chemical residue produced during cooking or smoking methamphetamine remain extremely hazardous to the health of humans and animals.  Such a property is unsafe and really unlivable without proper decontamination.  A meth contaminated structure decreases the property value and stands to devalue neighboring properties.  Untreated, indoor methamphetamine residues last for decades because they indoor elements stay protected from outdoor exposure breakdown.  Furnishings are affected and disposable.  Yet, cabinetry, flooring, drywall and ductwork remain permanently contaminated.

When considering a home purchase, testing for meth contamination is advisable, along with routine home inspections.  If this testing proves positive for methamphetamine, we advise careful consideration of the purchase. 

What To Expect
  • Provide a friendly, honest and professional service.

  • Maintain high quality standards.

  • Support you and provide clear communication throughout the whole process.

  • Confidentiality.

  • A guarantee that we will get the meth levels within state guidelines.

No one warned you.

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