DEA reports on nationwide meth lab Incidents 

Meth Testing Performed Properly

Meth testing is performed to determine if someone has used, smoked or manufactured methamphetamine in your home. Smoking meth in the home just three times leaves residue.  We highly recommend testing as part of the pre-sale home inspection process during the real estate transaction.

How can you find out if meth has been manufactured on the property?

 We suggest you call your local law enforcement agency to confirm that a seizure of chemicals took place on the property, and to obtain the name of any hazardous materials contractor who may have removed materials. The contractor should have information on what chemicals were present on the property. Additional information may be obtained from your county health department, fire department, or the owner of the property.

 We are the only methamphetamine testing and decontamination specialists in the State of Wyoming.

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The Decontamination Process

Some property owners attempt to clean the home using household cleaners.  Most advertised decontamination products fail to completely and effectively remove meth.  Inevitably, some residue remains behind and actually re-contaminates the structure.  Just painting walls does not work, but simply covers up the problem.  Toxins are still being released into the air.


Thorough decontamination is the only way to eliminate health hazards in a meth contaminated structure. Removing organic materials such as carpeting is necessary since removing meth from carpets is not possible.  A specifically formulated, people and pet safe and environmentally-friendly methamphetamine removal solution is used by specialized technicians who follow protocol to ensure meth is removed. We safely decontaminate walls, ceilings, non-porous flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, ductwork, furnace and heating systems, and other items in the house.


Following decontamination, we provide clearance testing through a nationally recognized laboratory to confirm the process was effective.


307Environmental maintains a discrete presence throughout the decontamination process.  Our vehicles and trailers are not labeled with the name of our company, thereby keeping inquirers away.

WYOMING Meth Project

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