Mold Exposure:  A Common Beast But…..

Mold is a very commonly found microscopic organism (fungus) that spreads by spores.  It’s really everywhere to some degree.  When mold is present in large numbers, health consequences can occur.  That kind of mold exposure needs remediation (decontamination, removal and killing) to provide a safe, livable environment.

Possible Reasons for Mold Contamination:


  • Lack of adequate ventilation

  • High humidity – yes, even in Wyoming!

  • Condensation – think air conditioning units

  • ·Water leaks and water damage

  • ·Flooding


Mold and Your Health

The health risks associated with mold exposure and symptoms include, but are not limited to:


  • Allergy symptoms-running nose, sneezing, congestion

  • Skin irritation such as rashes and itchy skin

  • Sinus congestion and discomfort

  • Upper respiratory problems, shortness of breath

  • Coughing and sneezing


Mold Testing

If you believe mold may be present in the property, simple testing involves air tests and/or tape lifting specific areas of suspected mold growth.  We test through a nationally recognized laboratory.  If tests prove positive, remediation may be recommended.

Mold Remediation


Some people attempt to eliminate mold using bleach-containing solutions.  We don’t recommend this approach as bleach and other cleaners often increase mold growth!  Each area testing positive for mold is treated specific to the need, depending on mold type, location and extent of mold presence.  When mold growth takes up a large area, contaminated items must be discarded appropriately and cleanup performed using a process which includes spraying, sanding and painting with a specialized solution that kills mold.

Issues with Purchasing a Property with Mold

Regardless, if the property encountering mold issues will be placed on the market, sold or not – the issue must be addressed to uphold human safety – the right thing to do.  If you suspect mold presence or determine that there is a high level of mold located on your property, contact 307Environmental.  We are trained and certified as mold remediation specialists.


Wyoming is a “buyer beware state”; meaning the buyer is ultimately responsible for asking and requesting inspections before the completion of the real estate transaction.  If the home turns out to be contaminated and the buyer did not ask for a test, legal recourse is unlikely.  The consequences then rest on the buyer. 

Testing for mold is as easy as asking the real estate agent to request the test with your other inspections prior to sale.

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