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Mold Remediation

What is Mold?

Mold is a microscopic organism (fungi) that spreads through rapidly producing spores. Mold is most commonly found in damp places such as a crawlspace or somewhere that a leak or water damage has occurred, but it can also present itself in less likely places like an attic. When mold is present in large numbers, health consequences can occur. Mold spores are difficult to eliminate and therefore, require proffesional remediation in order to provide a safe, inhabitable environment.

What is Remediation?

The first step to resolving any mold contamination is testing. This is a quick and inexpensive process that allows us to pinpoint the location of the mold as well as which type of mold we are dealing with. Mold remediation consists of three phases, fogging, sanding, and painting. Each phase involves specialized solutions containing moldicides, which ultimately contain mold growth, eliminate any present mold spores, and prevent future mold growth as well.

Many people attempt to remediate mold themselves using bleach based cleaning solutions, but we highly recommend avoiding this method, as it kills off surface spores temporarily, but provides moisture to sub-surface spores and eventually causes an increase of mold growth.

Health Risks?

While there are dozens of different mold varieties, but here in Wyoming we most often find a type known as black mold. This is a toxigenic mold that releases allergens and toxins into the air. Exposure to black mold or any other mold species can cause severe allergies, headaches, sinus congestion, and even prolonged illness. 

***Just because your home or commercial property was built recently does not mean you are in the clear. We often see the largest presence of mold in new construction. This is because materials that are used to build the home, often the foundation, are exposed to moisture like rain or snow and then sealed inside a home shortly after, creating a warm environment perfect for rapid mold growth.***

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