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Vapor Barriers

Why Do I Need a Sealed Vapor Barrier?

We recommend that everyone have a vapor barrier installed in their crawlspace. The primary reason being that vapor barriers the most effective measure that can be taken to prevent moisture and mold growth in your home. Not only that, but they also create a much more sanitary environment in your crawlspace making it the perfect place for storage. 

Vapor Barrier Vs. Vapor Blanket

An example of a vapor barrier can be seen in the photos on the right. We cover the entirety of the crawlspace with white 20 mil plastic and secure it along each wall. A vapor blanket is a less expensive and still highly effective method. We lay down 6 mil plastic over a majority of the crawlspace. Both options are highly effective at reducing moisture and will make your crawlspace into a much more appealing space. Our clients love the clean and organized finished product.

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