Sheridan Mold and Meth Decontamination

For many, there are no warning signs for a contaminated house.  There isn’t a sign on the wall for where someone smoked meth, and there is no accurate reporting system to disclose the houses that have been contaminated.  For mold, we often rely on visually seeing the mold, and miss out on a lot of the areas that can be contaminated.  So, the first sign that there may be a problem isn’t simple.  The first sign is often the health of the people in the home.  Rather than risk you and your families health, though, it is much safer to have the home tested before you move in, renting or buying.

Mold Testing and Decontamination in Sheridan, WY

There are hundreds of different types of molds, and many that are common in homes.  Many are benign to humans but not all of them.  There are types of mold that are very harmful to people, and can cause breathing and other complications.  If you believe that you may be at risk for black mold in Sheridan, WY, please contact us today.  We offer easy mold testing, and can provide real, accurate results to leave you with certainty for your home.


Meth Testing and Decontamination in Sheridan, WY

How do you tell if a house has meth contamination?  You can’t, unfortunately.  It takes specialized testing equipment to test the samples in the home, and to find whether it is clean or not.  The warning signs are never there because it is smoked by users, leaving a thin layer on walls, carpet, and in the air ducts.  Keep your family safe, and test before you move in.

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